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Congratulations on the success of listing

Time:2018-05-31   Views: times

August 13, along with a listing of the gong sounded, Zhejiang Wanxiang Technology Corp. successfully listed in the new three board (securities referred to as: WXR; Stock Code: 833280), which is an over-the-counter market for growth enterprises. The success of the listing marked that WXR has taken a historic step and a new milestone in its development. Besides, it will boost WXR to expand its popularity, and improve its influence on the refrigeration industry. All in all, WXR will be constantly expanded and strengthened.


WXR will take this opportunity to continuously enhance its core competitiveness, expand the brand effect, and grow up to a national company which can bear social responsibility, repay the vast number of users, make employees rich, achieve from outstanding to superior, and finally achieve the integrated development of economic and social benefits.