After Service

WXR adheres to the concept that costumers are the people we rely on for living. The customer-centric and high quality service is aimed at exceeding customer expectations. We believe that the brand return brought by service is far greater than service charge, and that the market is tremendous if we dare to and are able to undertake. Focusing on the product and the service, and being steady to be aggressive, we have won the recognition of the market and industry.

Our company has established a thorough service system across the country. We are equipped with special car and full-time staff, with the entire service 24 hours a day. We also have several professional agencies overseas, in order to meet aboard customers’ requirements for products and service.

We possess professional after-sales service team, abundant spare parts, well-equipped maintenance tools, and advanced after-sales management system. All the technicians have received strict training and assessment of actual combat.

Our company provides periodically with professional training, including on-site installation of equipment, starting up, long-distance technical support, maintenance of unit and trouble clearing.

Our commitment

Engineers on call 24 hours;

After receiving the customer demand, the response will be obtained in 2 hours, and make the telephone communication diagnostic analysis; if the problem cannot be solved by phone communication, we will sent professionals and they will arrive at the construction site within 48 hours;

Engineers will not leave the scene until the trouble is solved, or customer permits.

Service system

Customer archives management: we establish a special archive for each customer;

Lifetime Responsibility: we offer telephone return service and on-site visit service at regular intervals. We also provide storage for spare parts;

Contract of maintenance: we sign a piece of maintenance contract with customers, so as to solve customers’ worries.